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Eclipse MicroPen® – Reviews

“We actually had a lot of experience using the Derma Roller, then we moved on to different versions of the micro-needling technique.  We found that the Eclipse MicroPen® is the most reliable.” – Tess Mauricio, MD

“We are incredibly pleased with the ease of use and superior technology of the Eclipse MicroPen®. The Eclipse MicroPen® is excellent.” – Jody Comstock, MD

“We have performed over 40 MicroPen® procedures, and have been very pleased with results are clients are experiencing. To a person after that first session, clients say their skin is so much smoother.” – Candace Koney, MD

“I have been utilizing the MicroPen® in my practice for over 6 months and obtaining excellent results. My patients love it and it is virtually painless, another plus!” – Sophia Alexandros, MD

“I look forward to every treatment because I see results immediately. All of my friends compliment me on my skin now and I am so happy. I would highly recommend it to anyone!” – Elizabeth K.

“The Eclipse MicroPen® is a fantastic treatment! I was in no pain and I could go back to work the same day.” – Kathleen Y.